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Of the making of websites, there is no end. This is as true of Korea as anywhere else. More so, in fact; since South Korea is one of the most wired nations on earth.

Webmaster Ross has very kindly put together a further list below. I plan to add more in due course. For now, here are some good places to start (two of which Ross lists): chosen not least for their cornucopia of further links to more specific areas of Koreana:

All links open in a new browser window, so to return simply toggle between windows or close the new window.
This links to Nicholas Mercury's specialist bookshop, for books, videos and art from North Korea.
The ultimate Korea page, with sections on and links to just about everything. Compiled and maintained by Frank Hoffmann, to whom all thanks are due.
S. Korean official homepage, with loadsa links. Can be slow to open.
Long-established site, run by a US-based South Korean left-nationalist. Wondrously wide-ranging links
A very informative new site on North Korea by Tom Tobback, a Belgian in Beijing.
A fine Canadian clipping service on NK, with analysis and archive.
A Cornishman who became Korean. A beautiful site for culture and spirit. Do read Brother Anthony's translations of Korean poetry.

What follows was compiled by Ross Holloway, with a few comments by AFC


This is a page a links to sites, in the main, specifically related to or about Korea. It is divided into four sections:

If anybody spots anymore links out there they feel need to be added please email the webmaster.

North Korea
New Approaches: North Korea. The 7th International Conference on North Korean Human Rights & Refugees 2006 Bergen, May 9th - 11th. AFC took part.
This links to AFC's weekly 'Pyongyang Watch' in the Asia Times.
A New Zealand university page of North Korean papers including some by AFC.
The Nautilus Institute. Policy Forum on matters North Korean. AFC is a regular contributor.
Russian North Korean Studies page in English.
A British-made documentary on the exploits of the North Korean football team in the 1966 world cup.
A Beijing-based tour operator to NK, run by Nick Bonner, one of the makers of "The Game of Their Lives" (see above).
Country guide. North Korea entry.
Claims to be the official North Korean government site, but actually run by a bloke in Barcelona. For the real voice of Pyongyang, go to
The actual North Korean Government Site
US Library of Congress website entry on North Korea. Very thorough.
The CIA site entry on North Korea
CNN report on the ending of the three year mourning period for KIm Il Sung and the succession to power of Kim Il Jong.
One Japanese tourist's - name of taro - photo-album of five day guided tour of North Korea. I thought this had a certain naive charm.
Lonely Planet Guide.

South Korea
South Korean current affairs site.
The CIA's analysis of South Korea. Again, very thorough.
US Library of Congress entry on South Korea.
Korea Herald newspaper website.
Official South Korean government site.
Lonely Planet guide to South Korea.
South Korea News Net. Constant news feed on everything South Korean, particularly financial and political news.

Korea (in general)
Korea Web Weekly. Regularly carries AFC articles.
Society of Korean-American scholars. Non-partisan and lots of good links.

Other Useful Links
Far Eastern Economic Review.
Chosun Journal. Sometimes carries AFC material.
Taipei Times of Taiwan online.
Asia Times online. The home of AFC's 'Pyongyang Watch' column.
German Asian academic site in English translation. AFC articles appear here in both English and German plus plenty of other useful material.
Portal which offers the sites of several Asian newspapers in various languages.